An Kylgh Kernewek (The Cornish Language Circle) has been running Cornish language classes since 2007. We have some 'live' classes and some Zoom classes.

All our tutors teach using the Standard Written Form (SWF) of the language, the official form as taught in schools and used in public life. Do contact us if you are interested in learning Cornish with us. The list of 2023-24 classes is below. We will post 2024-5 classes later in the summer.

Classes in 2023-24.

A weekly beginners' course via Zoom on Thursday evenings.

A weekly beginners' course on Monday evenings from 7pm to 8.30 in The Reading Room, Beacon Terrace, The Lizard. Starts 11th. September 2023.

A weekly beginners' continuation course held live in Redruth from 7pm to 8.30 on Tuesday evenings..

A weekly Zoom second year course held on Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 8.30.

If you'd like to listen to some Cornish with your childdren or grandchildren visit the Speak Cornish Youtube channel