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Cur Tereba Nessa at Davidstow Church (see below)



Formed as a temporary choir in January 2012 , the purpose of Cur Tereba Nessa was originally to sing in the new class at the Cornwall Music Festival in March 2012 for choirs singing Cornish Christmas Carols. The choir didn’t win but, having enjoyed singing together decided to form a permanent S.A.T.B. choir to continue singing local Cornish carols, hymns and psalms. The choir chose the name Tereba Nessa, which is Cornish for “Until Next Time”. The choir meets on Tuesday evenings from 7pm until 8.30pm (followed by tea and biscuits) at The Liberal Hall, Vyvyan Street, Camborne.

The choir has accepted the invitation of the Cornish Gorsedd to be their official church choir and we regularly lead the singing at Cornish language church services in Mid- and West Cornwall. Currently six of our singers have a good knowledge of the Cornish language but ability in Cornish is not necessary. See below however if you'd like to learn Cornish.

The choir has been accepted into membership of the Royal School of Church Music, with the aim of improving the choir’s quality of singing. At present two members of the choir have won a Bronze medal and one Gold by passing the necessary RSCM examinations.

Tereba Nessa is keen to reverse the decline of local Cornish christmas carols. We sing less usual carols, which are chosen from areas all over Cornwall, as well as other hymns and psalms. The carols are in a local Cornish musical style and may be up to 200 years old.

New singers at all levels would very welcome. It is not necessary to read music, as long you can sing in tune. Our Musical Director Mr. Ieuan Harries, will advise you which choral section of the choir you are suited to sing in. We are happy to sing our music anywhere and willing to consider any geographic area. Please contact us for more information.


Tereba Nessa won the Old Cornwall Shield at the 2019 Cornwall Music Festival, gaining 86 marks.  They sang It came upon a Midnight clear by R Heath and Klew an Son Whek with music from Port Isaac. The choir, and especially their conductor Ieuan Harries, were delighted to win the shield.


Sunday 1st December - Cornish Language Service at Budock Church.  3pm.

Monday 9th December. Mullion WI – Carol Evening.

Saturday 14th Three Choirs Cornish Carol Concert together with Red River Singers and Keur Heb Hanow. Liberal Hall, Camborne. 7.30pm. Refreshments. Proceeds to CPR Foodbank You can find a poster here (and below).  N.B. Please note the date has been corrected!

Monday 16th. Barripper Chapel Carol Evening. 7pm.

Sunday 29th. December. Attending Carols And Readings Service at St Euny Church, Redruth. 3pm.

The photo above shows Cur Tereba Nessa at a performance in Davidstow Church during the traditional week-long festival in the Parish. The choir led the Cornish-English service. It was followed with a 'Cornish tea' with pasties, saffron cake, splits and junket. At seven the choir took part in a concert in two halves. As well as songs from the choir there were solo performances from Ray Chubb, Paul Holmes and the Reverend Jane Kneebone. The photo below was taken by Tina Wheeler of Red River Singers at the annual carol concert at Bridge. Red Rivers and Keur heb Hanow also took part in the concert.


"It was Tereba Nessa that led - inspired - Oll an Gwella towards singing in Kernewek and we include a verse and chorus for several of our 'Cornish Classics' (Folk songs) now in Kernewek! “

Rob Spowart  
For “Oll an Gwella” the a cappella chorus drawn from Newquay Male Voice Choir





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