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We'd like to start to share some of our materials. As a taster, have a look at these short bi-lingual legends, produced by An Kylgh Kernewek students (a number of them now AKK tutors). There is a fully illustrated version, a compact version (to save paper if you want to print them) with an exercise for each story and answers and hints on a separate sheet. We're hoping to record the legends. Watch this space.

Fully illustrated version

Compact version with exercises

Answer sheet

Hints sheet


Compendium of Cornish Verbs (updated November 2018)

This is a compendium of Cornish verbs in Standard Written Form, Kernewek Kemmyn and Kernewek Unys complied by Peter Harvey. You may find this especially useful if you are beginning to use SWF after learning Kemmyn or Unified.

Compendium of Cornish Adjectives (new)

SWF dictionary (with post-2013 Review amendments). This is a working document. Please contact us if you spot mistakes. Peter Harvey has amended the original SWF dictionary PDF.


For those of you who like mnenomics (or - like me - rely on them!), have a look at a quirky way of remembering the mutations from a student in Redruth, Ivor Corkell. N.B. the file name is familiar to Kylgh students, not a typo. Hint: Read the 'sentences' downwards e.g. Pull The Kite.