Our Classes

An Kylgh Kernewek holds classes in Kernewek - the Cornish language - in Penryn and Redruth. Please contact us if you live in a different area and would like tuition at any level. Classes usually begin in September, but we're happy to discuss different schedules to suit individual students. Until Christmas at the earliest, classes will be held via Zoom.

You can also find a list of other Cornish classes (and other useful materials) on Learn Cornish Now - https://gocornish.org/resource/find-a-class/. The page allows you to download a PDF file of classes or search a map for local classes. The Kylgh is currently running two beginners' classes, one in Penryn and one in Redruth.

Some of our students take Cornish assessments with the WJEC and exams with the Cornish Language Board (http://www.kesva.org) but several do not. Tuition is always structured with the needs of students in mind. Written materials are in Standard Written Form (SWF), the orthography designed to be used in formal education and public life.

Classes 2020-21 (all at 7pm)

Absolute beginners

Fridays from September 11th.

Kesva Grade 1 equivalent

Mpndays from 7th. September

Kesva Grade 2 equivalent

Tuesdays from 8th. September

Please note there will be no 3rd. grade class this year.

Kesva Grade 4 equivalent (first year of a two year course)

Thursdays from 3rd. September